The Great Red Shark, from Honolulu, Hawaii!

A perfect name, from the Hunter S. Thompson book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  Speed, out-on-the-edge-of-control... just like the Shark!

Just a few pics for now, with more to come, and more stories, soon.

Congratulations on your recent regatta victories in Lahaina!

One of the best shots... of any boat!


Bushwhacker isn't the only Sonoma to have had her share of keel problems.  The Shark got some major keel work, too.  She, however, got the Full Treatment - an entirely new keel, with more weight and a deeper draft.  What a helluvalot of work!  The first keel was lost on a trip to Kauai, and the quickly-fashioned second keel needed replacement...