The first time she launched, it was a walk in the park. The second time, she'd had a taste of being difficult... and the attention it got her. So, she decided to be testy again. An hour or so of trying to get her off the trailer led to shortened tempers and tired crew. So we ramp launched her (a heart-stopping adventure with failing brakes and a questionable transmission... and a "never done it before" owner), motored up to the hoist and it was time to try again.

Now, most boats that lift out have a hardened point for attachment to the crane. But not Bushwhacker! In yet another piece of evidence that the former owner never sailed her, we had trouble getting her lifted. But we're getting better at it.

If writing a giant check, towing over the Grapevine and ramp launching all took years off our lives... the most-grey-hair-creating procedure was yet to come:

Pictures, of course, don't relay the swingin', swayin', creakin' and groanin'!

But, FINALLY!, we got her sailing. No prettier sight to see:

We're underway!

But, there was more cantankerousness to come...

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