SF30ULDBs... anybody want to start a fleet?

OK - we have race boats because we want to race 'em, right? And racing's the most fun when you know a bit about your competitors, have shared a beverage even, maybe, and maybe most importantly - you can feel a real, fair sense competition.

The SF HDA works very hard - we won't deny that. They organize a bunch of hodge-podge, cheap-skate, pain-in-the-asses (let's be honest -- if you're a sailor, doesn't that apply just a little bit at least?) and give them a chance to go compete with each other. Not an easy task.

But, sometimes, doesn't it seem like there's something missing? Like, maybe, when you're fighting for room at the starting line against 35 - 40 food lead sleds?

A couple of years ago, a few guys realized that similar boats make good races. And they fought to get a fleet started. The SF30s.

Let's ride their coattails! Here's what I'm thinking: SF30s for ultralights.


96? 93? to 114? 117?

LOA: 29' - 33' ?
Displacement: 3200 - 5000 pounds?
"ULDB Ratio' (disp/[2.24(lwl/10)^3]) < 105? < 115? < 120?
Spinnaker: Symmetrical only

But! As the SF30s learned, it's important NOT to set a strict formula for the class, rather we should start looking for similar boats, who react to conditions in similar ways, and let the fleet grow organically.

For example, looking through the fleets for the current HDA season, it seems like we could get a good start with several boats -- this list is waaayyyy tentative, and based on a high SWAG factor as I leaf through the listings, but, how about:

  • Sonoma 30s (2)
  • Capri 30
  • Humboldt 30
  • Soverel 33 (2?)
  • Wilderness 30
  • Olson 30 (6?)
  • Olson 29 (any?)
  • Wilderness 30
  • Hobie 33
  • Others? Prototypes / One-offs?

All administration of the fleet will be done by email (sonoma30.org will host the list, and provide email addresses to any potential fleet member who needs one), with the occasional face-to-face fleet meeting, for sure.

Anyone interested? Anyone? Does it make sense to anyone but me?

I'm thinking: Great Pumpkin debut and first meeting? I'll bring beer!

Email me - let's get the ball rolling!

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